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Who We Are. Get to know us

With just $500 worth of gold chain and a modest shop off the bustling King George highway, Donna embarked on her entrepreneurial journey, founding the Gold Room Jewellers in 1978. Infused with boundless enthusiasm, she ignited a spark in the hearts of patrons with her irresistible charm and an unwavering dedication to crafting exquisite jewellery. She found early success and quickly cultivated a loyal customer base who not only praised her for dedication to quality but her magnetic personality.

Under Donna's stewardship, a culture emerged—one that venerates the customer above all else, where every endeavor is undertaken to surpass their expectations. This ethos of prioritizing customer satisfaction became the hallmark of the Gold Room.

With the mantle of leadership passing to Donna's son, Doug, the legacy continues to thrive. Armed with a profound understanding of the industry and an unyielding commitment to customer-centricity, Doug's strategic acumen has propelled the Gold Room to pinnacles of success. Since its inception, the Gold Room has flourished, its inventory blooming to encompass a plethora of dazzling pieces, and accolades as the premier jewellery destination in Surrey.

In the continuum of familial succession, Emma infuses the business with fresh ideas and marketing expertise. As a certified GIA gemologist and adept in custom design, she brings a dynamic blend of knowledge and creativity to the forefront. Anchored in a rich heritage spanning three generations, we take immense pride in our legacy as a family-run enterprise—an enduring testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence.



Recognition and Community Involvement 

We are proud to be voted the #1 Jeweller for eleven straight years by Surrey Now. We attribute this success to our loyal customers and wide selection of high quality products. We are also favoured by a number of different insurance companies in the Greater Vancouver area due to our experience and fair pricing. Additionally, we are proud to have supported several events and organizations in the community listed here.

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