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Who We Are

With only $500 in gold chain and a small shop off of King George highway, Donna enthusiastically opened up the Gold Room Jewellers in 1978. With her charming personality and passion for beautiful jewellery, she found early success and quickly cultivated a loyal customer base. Through her dedication to delivering unique, beautiful jewellery at the highest quality, customers took a liking to not only Donna's jewellery but her personality as well. 


Through her leadership Donna has set a precedence for always putting the customer first and going to extensive measures to satisfy customer needs. 


Since the initial opening, the Gold Room has grown to over hundreds of pieces of jewellery and ownership has been passed on to Donna's son Doug. Today Doug continues to run the family business utilizing his in depth knowledge about the jewellery industry and devotion to delivering exactly what the customer wants. A true businessman, over the years he has catapulted the business further ahead and has accumulated multiple awards as the best jewellery store in Surrey. Following in the foot steps of her grandmother and father, expect to see Emma making her way in to the jewellery industry, bringing fresh new ideas and creative marketing savvy to the Gold Room. We are proud to be a three generation family run business. 



Recognition and Community Involvement 

We are proud to be voted the #1 Jeweller for eleven straight years by Surrey Now. We attribute this success to our loyal customers and wide selection of high quality products. We are also favoured by a number of different insurance companies in the Greater Vancouver area due to our experience and fair pricing. Additionally, we are proud to have supported several events and organizations in the community listed here.

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