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Custom Design


The Process

There are several steps involved in the custom design process, to which we include you in every step of the way. From concept to finished piece you get to be involved in making and re designing the jewellery piece of your dreams. From hand selecting the perfect stones to customizing settings, metals and details, it is sure to be a memorable experience with us!

Whether you are looking to create something completely new or redesign an existing piece, out talented goldsmiths and design team work closely with you to make it come to life. We can work from a sketch, photo or description.  

So you have some jewellery you want to re-design or you have an idea for a brand new piece. Now what? The first step is coming by the store to start discussing your ideas with us. We provide free custom design consultations, where we discuss your ideas, input our own & know-how and provide an estimate. This consultation is just to get the ideas flowing and you have no obligation to go ahead with ​the design. 

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Once we settle on a design that you do want to go ahead and make we ask you put a deposit for approximately half the cost of the estimate to get the rest of the project rolling. Our jewellery designer then computes a 3D rendering  of the custom piece. From this image you can make any  changes you like. 

Once the image is finalized and approved by you we print a resin mold that is used in casting the piece in gold, silver or platinum. Our talented onsite goldsmiths then set the stones we picked out for your design, clean, polish and finish the custom piece. the craftsmanship that goes into the job is impeccable and is sure to wow. Shortly after, you'll have the finished piece in your hands! 

Custom Jewellery

for you & your loved ones


Do I need an appointment?


A:  No,  any of our staff can assist you in taking you through the custom design process. However if you do want to meet with our top designer Charlene, then we suggest you make an appointment to meet with her specifically.  She has been working in the industry for years and is a wizard at turning old pieces into something new and exquisite. 



























Is there anything I should do before I come in?

A: Do your homework beforehand. Start looking at images on pinterest, instagram etc. for inspiration of what you want your new piece to look like. We suggest you come in with a picture of the style you're after, that way we can better make exactly what you want. We also suggest bringing in any old gold pieces you have lying around, or any gold jewellery you don't wear anymore. These can either be used in the new piece or used as credit towards the custom design piece.

Can I use my own diamonds and gemstones?


A: Yes! We are always refurbishing old jewellery into something new, that includes using the gold and gemstones from old pieces. We can use any diamonds and/or gemstones in the design, or a combination of using your gemstones and supplying more of our own to get the look you want. 


Can I use my own gold?


A: Yes, if you have old gold lying around we suggest you bring it in. If it has sentimental value then we can use that same gold in the making of a brand new jewellery piece. Otherwise there is the option of trading in your old gold as credit towards making something new. The latter is the most cost effective as using your same gold proves a greater task to our goldsmiths who then have to work with unknown alloy, melt, shape and finish your gold for the new piece.

What if, after I see the 3D model, I want changes to it?


A: No Problem.  This is the time to make changes.  Minor changes are included as part of the design fees, however if you are looking to completely alter the design or begin with a brand new concept there may be additional costs depending on the complexity and changes to metal weights of the new design.  




 What if I don’t like the finished piece?


A: Our Design Team has provided every opportunity to make changes during the design stage and has had confirmation by you to proceed with the finished design after seeing either a hand sketch, coloured or computer renderings, and/or a 3D model.  Even though we want every customer to love their new piece, alterations to the finished piece at this point would be at the customers expense.  




How long does it take to get a custom ring made?


A: On average about 6 weeks.  We will always do everything we can to meet a deadline for you so please make sure we are aware of your time line when we start the process.


What is the average cost of custom designing a ring?


A: This is so difficult to answer but probably the #1 question we get asked.  There are many variables to consider (weight in metal, karat of gold, detail and complexity of the design, number of diamonds and gemstones, etc.)   Keep in mind that the initial consult, hand sketches and ballpark quotation come with absolutely no obligation. There is no pressure from us and no obligation to move forward with the process from that point so reach out to us at with any inquiries you may have.

What kind of designs can I do?

A: take a look below at some of the custom pieces we have done over the years. The options are endless, so get creative! 


Get inspired. Explore more designs for your next design piece

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